Brady and Garappolo Split Time In Third Preseason Game


It’s the most important game of the season… the preseason that is. The third preseason game which some mark as the beginning of Football. Everyone is wondering will Tom Brady play or will he sit out due to his thumb “injury.” Many people wanted Jimmy G to take the spotlight, while some wanted to see their savior Tom Brady stick it to the league once again. Garopollo got the start and his 1st drive lead to a missed thirty-yard field goal, but his second drive led to a three and out. After three drives we got to see the greatest qb of all time. Brady came in, and after five plays led the Pats to a field goal. Then Brady really shined throwing an absolute dime to new receiver Chris Hogan for a thirty-three yard touchdown.

SO: @Patriots


Pats fans get ready for Garappolo he isn’t Brady but we will be fine. The defense will be our star for the first four games. The Pats picked off Cam Newton twice in the first half of Friday’s game. This will be a very interesting season. A glimpse into life without Tom Brady as quarterback. Forget it Brady is going to win his fifth ring and there is nobody that can stop him


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