NFL Clears Matthews, Harrison, and Peppers of PED use

Rightfully so Clay Matthews, James Harrison, and Julius Peppers were cleared of alleged PED use stemming from a report by Al Jazeera. This is good news for the players even though I’m still not sure about Clay Matthews just look at the guy.

Nevertheless it’s good to see that Fuhrer Goodell can’t continue to persecute innocent people. Tom Brady had to take the bullet for the players, while Peyton Manning is sitting pretty cause he was goody goody with Goodell. How is Peyton not on steroids look at his freaking forehead it’s 8 inches tall, but he retired so he never had to face the music. Also if Goodell did charge James Harrison with PED use Goodell might be dead right now. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you just saw James Harrison walk into the NFL league offices and just snapped Roger over his knee ala Bo Jackson. It’s good to see that these innocent victims weren’t wrongfully persecuted like our boy Tom Brady. Never forget guys #freebrady


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