Tom Brady Unviels New Hairstyle still Awesome

So Tom Brady unveiled a new hairstyle, and he got some flack for it. To be honest I don’t care TB12 is still rocking it. He truly is the only one that could. His hair is looking like something your parents make you get in 5th grade for school pictures. It looks like Brady is trying to entertain himself with his looming 4 game suspension. This week will be the first time playing in a week 4 preseason game since 2011. Maybe Tom is trying to turn back the clock with this hairstyle. It doesn’t matter Tommy boy is going to kill it this year. He’s on the hunt with a chip the size of a boulder on his shoulder. You heard it here first the Patriots are going 12-0 when he returns.(12 you think that’s a coincidence) I’m just counting down the days till Brady and the Patriots lift another banner up into Gilette, and Brady will undoubtly be the best quarterback of all time.


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