Sox Call Up Moncada


The Boston Red Sox announced that they are calling up the number one prospect in baseball,  Yoan Moncada up to the Majors. After leaving Cuba Moncada was a highly touted prospect who the Sox have paid 63 million dollars for. He has breezed through the minor leagues batting .298 with the double A Portland Sea Dogs. Moncada’s power is something that could help the lineup get a big boost. The rookie looks to be a replacement for Travis Shaw and Aaron Hill who have not been playing up to par. Manager John Farrell talked about Moncada saying,

“He has shown good range; he’s got a well-above-average arm. Where there can be ongoing work and continued development is pretty much the same as when he was at second base, and that’s the ball straight at him. That’s more just pure technique and fundamental positioning of hands and feet. But as far as range to his glove side, moving over to third base, that has not seemingly been that big of a challenge for him.”

The sox look to get a boost like they did with recent call up Andrew Benintendi  who immediately helped the sox squad. The Red Sox have all hands on deck as the look to make a push for the playoffs, and possibly a World Series.


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