Puig Homers for First Time Since Demotion


On Sunday Night Yasiel Puig returned to the majors, and did what Dodgers fans were hoping. He helped the team in their 7-4 win versus the San Diego Padres. Puig went 2-4 with a three-run home run in the 3rd inning to put the team up 3-2. I love to see this from Puig. He is a great asset to the game of baseball. Seeing him first jump onto the MLB scene was amazing. I loved his flair and his attitude. It’s what Baseball needs. The MLB needed an energy jolt and Puig, and Bryce Harper gave it one that was well overdue.

“I’m very happy with the opportunity my teammates have given me, very thankful for their support, and it motivates me to do better on the field,” Puig told after the game. “When you do your job, everything works out better — when you prepare, when you’re in the dugout. Those are the things I didn’t do before and now I’m doing them.”

It’s good to see that the young cuban star has matured since his stint in the Minors, but I hope he still plays with the passion, and flair he did before.


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