Shaq Says He Only Played “30 Percent of His Real Game”


I only played 30 percent of my real game. I had a great career, but I didn’t get a chance to showcase what I can really do. That’s because the double- and triple-teams were coming so quick, I had to dominate, dominate, dominate inside. I had the ability to step out, go around defenders, dribble by people, but I never got to show that.

I had to focus on being the most powerful, dominant player to ever play the game.

Okay Then Shaq. If this helps you sleep at night feel free to think this. Shaq was a dominant big man. To come out and say this is just such a hardo  move. “Yeah I was the most dominant big men of my time but I was only going 30%.” Imagine if Usain Bolt just came out and was like yeah i’ve been going like 25%. If I went up against Bolt and heard this I would one retire immediately, then two fall off the face of the Earth. I would say that its just straight disrespectful for Shaq to say this. Maybe all the Kobe fans will use this to say Kobe is better than Shaq cause at least he gave it more than 30%.  It’s just preposterous for him to say this. Now we wait to see what Charles Barkley has to say about this cause it’s bound to be hilarious.


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