Panthers blow lead in 4th in Season Opener

The game started off as I now think all games will start seeing who is taking a knee during the national anthem. I stopped doing homework after my first day of classes in college to go watch the national anthem. I was just waiting to see who would take one now. The man ended up being Brandon Marshall. No not that Brandon Marshall, Linebacker Brandon Marshall took a knee during the national anthem. Now we get to the game it was really just all panthers for the majority of the game. Former MVP Cam Newton completed 18 out of 33 passes totaling 194 yards. Newton threw one touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin who is returning from a torn ACL, but also threw one interception. Benjamin had six receptions for ninety-one yards. Also Newton had eleven carries for fifty-four yards including a touchdown on the ground. This was a memorable one for Cam who now has the most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in league history. Cam is a revolutionary at the quarterback position. His size and stature allow for him to be a great passer, and his speed allows him to make defenders worry about him breaking the pocket and breaking ankles. Trevor Siemian had a rough first career start. He threw two interceptions, but still ended up with the W. The Broncos defeated the Panthers 21-20. Denver’s defense was once again the true star causing a fumble, and recording an interception. I think the Broncos could have a high school QB out there and they could still win because of their defense. Sadly another kicker is gonna feel the wrath as Graham Gano missed a fifty yard field goal to win the game. Even Snoop Dogg high as a kite called him “a sorry ass kicker.” Which legitimately made me laugh out loud. So somehow the Super Bowl Champs pulled out a W, and this time Cam will be forced to have a press conference after the lost. 


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