I Have To Admit I Love The Red Sox Outfield


I’m Sam Minton, and I just love the Red Sox outfield. How can you not? You got Andrew Benintendi the rookie, Jackie Bradley Jr the comeback, and Mookie Betts the breakout star.  They all have been having great seasons. Benintendi has been batting over .300 since he got called up to the majors. Jackie Bradley Jr struggled in past years adjusting to the majors. For some reason this year it all finally clicked. Bradley has 26 home runs, and 87 RBI, and was an all star. Lastly there’s Mookie. He’s having an absolutely amazing season. Betts is batting .317 with 31 home runs and 108 RBI. Betts made the all-star team, and just reached the 200 hit mark on the season. My MVP vote would go to Mookie. He is having an extraordinary season, and unlike Mike Trout, the Sox are in the playoff hunt. Now to another main reason I like the trio…



Thats Just electric. This is what baseball needs. Some personality isn’t a bad thing. With these guys in the outfield I see the Red Sox making a long run this October.


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