Patriots Murder The Texans


On Thursday night we watched the Patriots flat out murder the Houston Texans, defeating them 27-0. Jacoby Brissett came out as the starter, and played well enough to lead the team to victory. Brissett even had a 27 yard rushing touchdown which made all of New England go crazy. Do we even need Jimmy? We may already have our quarterback of the future. Jacoby can run and throw so he may be able to come a starting quarterback in this league. Also I just loved being able to see the New England Patriots running the option. Also the running game was amazing. Legarrette Blount had 24 carries for 105 yards, and 2 rushing touchdowns. The defense unlike last week played amazing for all 4 quarters. Jamie Collins also had a great pick off Texans Quarterback Brock Osweiler. After this game Bill Belichick should be coach of the year, because I feel that anyone can play QB for this team and I will still feel confident they can pull out a win.


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