After Tragic Weekend The Marlins Defeated The Mets


It was a story that no one could believe. The sports world awoke on Sunday shocked, and saddened. 24 year old Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident. I was stunned I couldn’t believe it. This young man who was just starting his career had his life cut short out of no where. Fernandez grew up in his native land of Cuba. He defected at the of 15 and miraculously saved his mother life. When he got to the States and made it to the major leagues you loved his passion for the game. He was a true phenom, and looked to be a player that could have a hall of fame career. Fernandez will truly be missed, as he is what baseball is all about. His passion, and love for the game is something all players should have. (Of course my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected)

Now the Marlins had the tough task of going out and playing baseball. The team was all wearing #16 with Fernandez name on the back. Also the owner of the Marlins, Jeffrey Loria confirmed that the team will be retiring the #16. Now to the game. It almost seemed as it was a movie. Dee Gordon one of Fernandez best friends went to the plate for the 1st pitch in the righty batters box to remember his friend, he then went back to his usual left and what happened was amazing. Gordon hit his first home run since returning to the team. You could see that He was emotional while rounding the bases and he pointed to the sky after reaching home. The team defeated the Mets 7-5.


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