Bruins Sign Brad Marchand for 8 Years


This is Huuuuuuge news for the Bruins. Being able to make sure that the Bruins can retain one of their top 3 stars of the franchise. The deal is for 8 years, and is worth $49 million. Marchand talked about the re-signing saying

“This is an extremely exciting day for me and my family,” Marchand said. “I would like to thank the Jacobs family, Cam Neely, Don Sweeney, Claude Julien, the coaching staff, my teammates and our fans for their continued support and belief in me. I have been a Bruin since the start of my pro career and there is no place I would rather play. I look forward to doing everything I can to help our team achieve success and bring the Stanley Cup back to Boston.”

I love how Marchand plays the game. Ever since I first saw him I knew that he was just a guy that I would enjoy watching play for the black and gold. He is such an effective goal scorer for the team. Playing on the 1st line he has great chemistry with Bergy. Marchand was a top goal scorer for the team last year putting 37 in the net. In his seven seasons with the Bruins Marchand has 153 goals, and 136 assists. He is a three time all-star, and his skill seems to continue to grow.

“[Marchand is] an amazing player I really enjoy to play with, and we’ve created a lot of chemistry over the years. I was getting a little worried now with him playing with Sid,” Bruins center Patrice Bergeron said with a laugh. “I’m really happy it’s done and we can move forward for himself and also for us as a team. I can’t say enough about him. It’s well deserved and he’s an amazing player.”

This team couldn’t afford to lose a player like Marchand. The team needs a group of leaders like Tuukka Rask, Patrice Bergeron, Marchand, and Torey Krug. The Bruins haven’t made the playoffs the past two seasons, fans, and ownership is growing impatient. With this move the Bruins look to be moving in the right direction.


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