The Giants Are Saying They Will Bench OBJ If He Keeps Acting Up


This would be the worst decision in the history of Football. Nope the History of the world. Why on Earth would you bench your number one wide receiver? Odell Beckham Jr is one of the premier receivers. I actually like what OBJ is doing… to an extent. He can’t be out there almost getting ejected, but I love the passion he plays with. I love what Odell brings to the league. He brings fun, and passion something all fans should appreciate, as well as teammates, and coaches. The Giants have to get Beckham the ball no matter what. The running game has been lacking for the Giants so all they have for offense is their passing. You can’t have a good passing offense, if your number one receiver is sitting on the bench. Most players are supporting Beckham, and his passion. Patriot Legarrette Blount voiced his support for OBJ on social media saying “Everybody can get off my fam back! He works harder than most and it shows! So what?! You want guys like that on the field with you! I know I do!!! Keep grinding O, you straight! I got you!! #EliteFam” So Giants I beg you not to bench the most exciting player in the NFL.


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