Dax Prescott Is The Real Deal


The Dallas Cowboys may have a QB controversy. Dax Prescott and the Cowboys beat the Green Bay Packers 30-16. Prescott was 18-27 for 247 yards, 3 touchdowns, and an interception. Also another rookie had an amazing game. Ezekiel Elliott had 28 carries for 157 yards. Also the “gritty,” “high-motored,” Cole Beasley had 6 catches for 58 yards, and two touchdowns. You know who sucked Aaron Rodgers. He screwed my fantasy team thats for sure. He was 31-42 with 294 passing yards, and only one touchdown, but one interception. I don’t care what you think he sucked. He screwed my fantasy team. You suck Rodgers. Stop doing state farm commercials, and spend some time in the film room. Prescott envy got some high praise from owner Jerry Jones,”You just couldn’t ask for more inspiration from a player because everybody on this team knows what a difficult position that is to play.”If Dallas doesn’t keep Dax at Quarterback they would be making a huge mistake. Now that I think about it thats probably what good ole Jerry Jones is gonna do. Congrats Dallas you played yourself.


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