I am Sorry London


London I promise this isn’t what good football is. A good football game does not end in a tie. It’s not fair. I guess this is just payback for the whole colonization thing. You’re not off the hook just yet Redcoats. This was a much better game than the Seahawks, Cardinals 6-6 tie but ties are just never fun to watch. It is like running to the end zone and just dropping with a yard to go. All this build up for nothing. We had the Washington R-words and Cincinnati Bengals tie 27-27. I don’t understand how the Redskins didn’t win with quarterback Kirk Cousins throwing for 458 yards, and two touchdowns, but they still managed to do it. The Bengals even had AJ Green catch 9 balls for 121 yards. It takes a next level of sucking to give us this result. How is Marvin Lewis still a head coach if he can’t win with a team like this. He should also be fired for this quote.”Obviously not winning the game is disappointing. We had opportunities on both sides of the ball to win it.” Thanks for the breaking news Marvin. I could never guess that that not winning a game is dissapointing. The game was played in Wembley Stadium so the crowd was used to ties. Cheers Mates!


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