Ray Allen Retires From The NBA

NBA: JUN 10 NBA Finals - Celtics v Lakers - Game 3

Ray Allen and I had a love hate relationship. Mostly I lobed him when he was on the Celtics and hated him when he was on the Heat. That doesn’t matter because he was one of the best shooters of all time. Allen even had New England roots playing college basketball at UCONN. He started off his career with the Seattle Supersonics, and was a star along with point guard Gary Payton. Then he went to the Celtics and I loved watching his beautiful shot. I tried to emulate it in the gym. Nobody will ever have a shot like Ray Allen. I’m looking at you Steph Curry. Ray Allen for 3 was all I heard watching Celtics games, and nearly every single time went in. Eventually he helped lead the Celtics to a championship, and for that I am forever grateful. Celtics GM spoke about Ray retiring saying:

“As one of the greatest shooting guards in the history of basketball, Ray Allen defined the word professionalism. Ray was born with special talent, but it was his leadership, tireless preparation, and infectious work ethic that made him a great teammate and champion. We would not have won the 2008 title without him.”

Then he went to the Heat, and I hated him. He won a championship and I hated him. Now I am at peace like Ray, and focus on what he did for the Celtics. In his 18 year career Allen was a 10 time all star. Sooner or later we will see Ray in Springfield as he is a sure fire Hall of Famer


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