LeBron Disappointed About Indians Lost


This made me so happy. You suck LeBron, I am metaphorically drinking your tears right now. You were the soul reason I wanted the Cubs to win. God wasn’t going allow Cleveland to win two championships in one year. That is straight blasphemy. Just can’t allow it to happen. He also said he wish the game could of ended in a tie. Now see that is why LeBron isn’t a winner. You don’t go for a tie, you go for the win. LeBron is as clutch as an automatic car. You know who I love? J.R smith. The dude is hilarious when he took his shirt off I almost wanted the Indians to win. Then I thought LeBron, and reminded myself why they can’t win. So Cleveland if you want to win championships trade LeBron, and sign J.R Smith to a max deal.


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