Knicks Edge Out Detroit 105-102


The New York Knickerbockers were victorious Wednesday night defeating the Detroit Pistons 105-102. Kristap Porzingis was balling out tonight. KP had 35 points and 7 rebounds. The 35 points was a career high for Porzingis. KP was running on all cylinders even hitting three 3 pointers. Carmelo also had a great game for the Knicks scoring 22 points and grabbing 5 rebounds and 3 assists. As the end of the game drew close the Latvian forward was garnering MVP chants from the Madison Square Garden crowd. Knicks fans calm down it is November. That means in a couple months your team is going to be falling apart. This is just how the NBA works. “We definitely have to give him the ball,’’ Jennings said the other day talking about Porzingis. ‘He’s 7-3 who can score and shoot from long distance. If you want an assist as a point guard that’s one of the guys you have to get the ball to.’’ There may be a little trouble in paradise. Who’s the face of the Knicks Melo, or Porzingis? So savor the great play now Knicks fans we all now it’s going to be over quite soon.


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