Owners and the Player Union Reach Agreement On New CBA


Well, it looks like there won’t be a lockout in Major League Baseball. Now let’s get to some of the highlights from the deal.

  • The Luxury Tax threshold continues to increase with it skyrocketing to $210 million in 2021. This is just the trend as the MLB is the league that spends the most. This allows for teams to spend more and I just hope the Yankees can now sign Bryce Harper or Mike Trout. The MLB is the Donald Trump of the sports leagues. It spends a lot and usually gets little return.
  • Now teams that sign a top free agent don’t have to give up a 1st round draft pick. Also in the ranking of sports leagues, the MLB draft is the worst. I would rather watch the NHL draft over that thing.
  • Smokeless Tobacco is now banned in the MLB. Chaw dogs everywhere are in tears. Don’t worry guys we can still see Terry Francona lose a tooth about every other game as current players are grandfathered in. How does that man still have teeth? It’s either an entire bucket of double bubble or an entire pack of redman.
  • Also, the Major League roster will stay at 25 players instead of a proposed 26 man roster.
  • The All-Star game will not have any importance as the pennant winner with the best record will have home field advantage. Looks like the MLB will go the way of the NFL and NBA and the NHL… wait a second they were the only league where it mattered.  Looks like now I can go back to just watching the Home Run Derby.

So no work stoppage for the MLB and hopefully my Yankees can have a comeback year.


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