Celtics Lose Close One In Houston


1 point losses always suck. The Celtics got beat by James Harden and the Houston Rockets 107-106. Harden has been playing excellent this season. He’s averaging 28.7 points per game and 11.6 assists per game. He scored 37 points last night with 8 assists and  8 rebounds. It was Harden’s 9th game with 30 points or more. The Celtics seemed to struggle on the offensive side of the ball but big man Al Horford had 21 points 9 assists and 6 rebounds. Horford took a shot at the buzzer to win the game.”I felt good when I shot it, but it just didn’t go down,” Horford said. He should’ve made it. It was a layup. You know I’ve never played in the NBA and I am a 5’8 white guy but I think I could have made that shot. Next, the Celtics go to Orlando to play the Magic. They haven’t had magic since Shaq left so it should be an easy victory for the C’S.


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