Yankees GM Brian Cashman Calls The Red Sox “The Golden State Warriors Of Baseball”


Damn this sucks. C’mon Yankees you are supposed to be like Golden State using those dollar bills to get players to come to New York. If I hate the Red Sox like I hate the Warriors this Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is going to be 100 times more intense.  Cashman also went on to say, “They’ve got their Durant and Green and Thompson and Curry.” Wait I thought they had a big three. Is Clay Bucholz or Drew Pomeranz the 4th man? Ha, that’s funny. Still, as a Yankees fan, I’m a little nervous. The only move they have made was to get Matt Holliday. No offense Matt but you are not what we were looking for. Cashman is looking for closers as he is looking at Kenley Jansen and the world’s fastest pitcher and wife beater Aroldis Chapman. I think it is time we shy away from our boy Aroldis. Cashman continued saying “If it is the NBA, we’re in the pack of contenders looking to take Golden State down.” Well that’s it guys time to haul it all in. The GM of the team doesn’t believe in you. Hey, God, can the Yankees get Bryce Harper he’s our only hope right now.


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