Yankees Sign Chapman to 5 year, $86 Million Deal


Well welcome back Aroldis it seems like just yesterday you were with the team. Congrats on the title though that’s good for you. Chapman was happy to rejoin the team, “I love the organization, they welcomed me with open arms, and that’s why I decided to go back,” Chapman told ESPN on Wednesday night after agreeing to the largest contract ever for a reliever. “I was hoping I had a chance to go back, and it happened.” Now the Yankees have the dangerous combo of Dellin Betances and Chapman for the 8th and 9th innings, now they just need to bolster that starting rotation. The deal for Chapman is historic as he becomes the highest paid reliever in MLB history. When he was with the Yankees last season he had 20 saves in 21 outings and had a 2.01 ERA. So maybe the Yankees won’t do so bad this year after all.

P.S This season is going to suck I just know it



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