Celtics Fall to Westbrook and Thunder


I am not gonna lie I wasn’t expecting a victory for the Celtics here. Russell Westbrook has been on fire as of late and entering the game had a seven-game triple-double streak. The good thing for the Celtics is that it wasn’t a blowout. The Thunder only beat them by 3 points with a score of 99-96. Russell Westbrook didn’t continue his triple-double streak but damn he is playing great. Westbrook had 37 points 12 rebounds and 6 assists. He talked about losing his streak saying, “honestly, I’m just happy we won tonight. That’s the most important thing. As a player, I always try to look forward. Maybe at the end of the season, I can talk about it, but as of right now, my job is to move forward and get ready for Portland.” Al Horford was the star for the Celtics with 19 points 4 rebounds and 6 assists. He talked about the loss saying, “It’s frustrating, but we need to look at this film, have a good practice, and focus. We need to stay together – and we will.” This was also not that bad of a game because point guard Isaiah Thomas missed his third straight game. The Celtics controlled the ball and the score for a majority of the game but the Thunder went on a run near the end of the 4th quarter. Next up for the Celtics is the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night and hopefully, they will have Isaiah back.


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