Pastrnak & Carlo a sign of good things to come for the Bruins?



The kids are taking over!

With the Bruins struggling to find consistency this season, David Pastrnak and Brandon Carlo have been a small glimpse of a promising future to look forward too for the Boston Bruins.

20 year old, Brandon Carlo is showing that he is wise beyond his years just 30 games into his rookie season. “It’s about each thing I’m fortunate enough to have, each experience we go through.” Carlo says. Relishing the opportunity to try and shutdown some of the leagues best offensive players such as Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby, Carlo stated that he “couldn’t see it going any better at this point.” Listed at 6 feet, 5 inches and 203 pounds, Carlo combines strength, speed and patience to counter some of the leagues’s best offensive players on their way into the zone. His ability to rebound from his mistakes is rather impressive as well, as he continues to show improvement on a nightly basis. Carlo averages 22:30 minutes per game which is the most amongst rookies league wide, and also 7 +/- on the season so far. Showing maturity both on and off the ice, Carlo’s most impressive attribute is his positive attitude. Teammate Torey Krug stated that Carlo was “tremendous mentally.” and same with his partner in Tri-city, Parker Wotherspoon, who said “I can’t remember Carls coming into the room with a bad attitude.” Although Carlo isn’t putting up monster numbers, the Bruins are in search of consistency and maturity from their young guys and he brings that to the table.

As for Pastrnak, there isn’t much you can say that hasn’t already been said. Second in the league in goals to Hall of Famer, Sidney Crosby, Pastrnak is that goal scorer that the Bruins need going forward. If the Bruins fail to make the playoffs this year, it’s evident that the rebuilding stage will be in full swing and the 20 year old superstar is the center piece, the Bruins can use to build around.

Currently tied for second place in the Atlantic Division with the Ottawa Senators, the Bruins have managed to hold a decent record this season. However, Boston fans (including myself) are visibly frustrated with the team’s inconsistent play but with Pastrnak and Carlo both showing promising attributes, it provides the fans with a sense of positivity heading into the future.



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