Arkansas Tight End Suspended from Belk Bowl


Now Sam why are you covering this story? That’s a good question imaginary voice in my head. Jeremy Sprinkle the starting Tight End was suspended by the team for shoplifting.  Where else but at a Belk store. Both the Arkansas Razorbacks and the visiting Virginia Tech were awarded $450 gift cards for EACH player as a reward for playing in the bowl game. North Carolina police say that Sprinkle attempted to steal eight items that worth totaled $260. The items included a Ralph Lauren shirt, a Tandoori spice marl collared shirt, Nike black crew socks, and two wallets. I guess I get taking the shirts but who on this Earth steals socks and wallets. That’s an insane move. Who on this planet steals socks. Also if you have to steal wallets I don’t think you have to worry about owning one especially two.

Sprinkle is considered the No. 7 tight end available for the 2017 NFL draft, according to ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.I know of another highly touted tight end who had some off the field issues. It didn’t work out so great for him so teams might want to stay away.

The Razorbacks were defeated by Virginia Tech 35-24 they stole the game from the backs.

(Editor’s Note: So sorry guys had to do it.)


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