Bruins Roll Over Sabres 4-2


The Bruins went up north to the cold wasteland that is the city of Buffalo, New York. The Bruins defeated the Sabres 4-2 in an intense game.

The Sabres came out firing and made Bruins fans reminiscence of Tuesday’s high scoring affair against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Marcus Foligno scored his 5th goal of the season and then late in the first period Kyle Okposo scored his 10th goal of the season.

Then things got interesting in the first period there was a total of 8 penalties called. Things heated up when rookie forward William Carrier went after David Backes with a brutal headshot. Adam McQuaid wasn’t about to let the rookie get away with one. So he fought the rookie after he exited the penalty box for the hit skating right off the bench. He took on Carrier even with the refs all over him.

I don’t know what the refs are up to. This is the second time in two games they were manhandling McQuaid and just preventing him from fighting. It’s just not fair and actually puts the Bruins defenseman in danger. McQuaid was given a 5 minute major for fighting an instigator penalty and a 10-minute misconduct.

“When you have one of your star players get run like that, and some other plays throughout early on, you have to react and stand up for your teammates,” McQuaid said. “Even if that aspect of the game is not as prevalent as it used to be, you still need to be there for your teammates and respond when you have to.”

The rookie didn’t return after the bout due to a right-hand injury and McQuaid had to receive stitches to close a cut above his lip.

Now as we get to the second period there were 6 more penalties called but this team it was the Bruins doing the scoring. Patrice Bergeron looks to be getting out of his slump as he scored his 6th goal of the season and then David Krejci tied the game on the powerplay for his 8th goal of the season.

The third period was all Bruins especially one in particular. Ryan Spooner had a hell of a game and owned the last part of the game. He scored two goals bringing his season total to 7. I don’t know what to think about Spooner I just hope this makes him more intriguing to teams for possible trades. That’s the best we are going to get out of Spooner at this point.

A lost star in the game was Tuukka Rask who had 31 saves. “We showed that we can battle back. We weren’t afraid to lose the game. We wanted to win it.” The goaltender is now 17-7-3 on the season.

The Bruins play on New Year’s Eve versus the Buffalo Sabres once again in which will be another intense game.


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