Why The Bruins Need Claude Julien


The local media after the terrible start versus the Colombus Blue Jackets feels that this is all due to the coaching staff. This is not the case. Claude Julien is probably one of the greatest Bruins head coaches in the team’s illustrious history. In his 10 years with the Bruins he has a record of 411-238-92. He has the most wins as a coach in team history and ended a 39 year Stanley Cup drought for the team. Julien has almost become another face of the team. The one thing that can get him fired is if he doesn’t make the playoffs this year. The Bruins haven’t made the playoffs the past two seasons and that simply isn’t acceptable. I personally predict that the Bruins will make the playoffs and might surprise some people. Look at what he has done even with Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara missing significant time.

The Bruins don’t need a “jolt” of energy what they need is the same coach who helped bring them a Stanley Cup. Also, the addition of Jay Pandolfo who had great success down in Providence should definitely help the team. So Bruins fans don’t get trigger happy and have a little patience you might be surprised at what may come.


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