Mark Cuban Wants An NBA In Mexico


After defeating the Phoenix Suns 113-108 on Thursday night in Mexico, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said that he would support an NBA team south of the border. “I would love a team down here. I think it would really help the sport,” Cuban said. “I would like to come back with the Mavericks, and every time that the NBA asks, we would love to be here.”

Cuban says that distance is not a factor and the Mayor of Mexico City he likes the idea of an NBA team.

This is a terrible idea. Imagine a team like the Detroit Pistons or the Boston Celtics having to travel down to Mexico. Scratch that think of the Toronto Raptors that would suck for them. Distance is a huge factor. Do we even need a team in Canada that’s for you to answer. This whole situation would just be a trainwreck.

So no team for you Mexico!


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