The Cold War Is Reignited Once Again


First we started off with the reports from Russia showing how Russia has deep ties with President-Elect Donald Trump. He is basically the Julien Edelman to Vladimir Putin’s Tom Brady. Among the allegations are that Trump has been assited by the Russians for at least 5 years and possibly could owe Russia favors.

Theres like 50 more pages but the big news out of this is that Trump is a pretty kinky guy. All I have to say is that he is as big in to water sports as Michael Phelps. These are unverified reports but I think we all hope that a story as insane as this is true.


Now today we have one of C-SPAN1 feed getting hacked and showing Russian TV. The commies are attacking us where it hurts our televisions. Ten minutes of just terrible Russian news. This is it I think this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We might be in for a dousy. A rivalry as American as apple pie, filled with as much tridtion as the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry.

So get prepared guys let’s get some good ole patriotism brewing and practice our duck-and-cover drills we have a war on our hands.


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