Big Papi Is Staying Retired


Well we thought that it might possibly not be the end for David Ortiz but he has confirmed it is in fact over.

“My playing time has already expired,” Ortiz told ESPN Deportes. “Baseball is not something that you wake up today and you say, ‘I’ll play tomorrow,'” Ortiz said “Baseball is something that carries a lot of sacrifice, a lot of preparation, and there is a reason why we train the entire year to play it, practice every day, especially during the season, because it is a sport of consistency.”

Ortiz had an amazing final season batting .315 with 38 homers and led the American League in doubles (48), RBIs (127), slugging percentage (.620) and OPS (1,021) last season. He was also sixth in the AL MVP voting and made his 10th appearance in the All-Star Game. With this amazing season many fans thought that he actually may return. Ortiz on the other hand is adapting to life after baseball. “It’s early, but I’m in the process,” Big Papi said.

I’m sorry sox fans but the large father will not be returning.


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