Are the L.A. Clippers Doomed Without Chris Paul??


The L.A. Clippers announced Tuesday that Chris Paul would miss 6-8 weeks to get surgery for a torn ligament in his thumb. Paul suffered the injury on Monday night against the OKC Thunder while defending Russell Westbrook in the second quarter. Although the Clippers won the game120-98, Paul never returned to the game and was initially diagnosed with a sprain.

Are the Clippers doomed without him? The answer is simple, yes. Without Chris Paul for 6-8 weeks and Blake Griffen for another 4-6 weeks, the Clippers only hope is DeAndre Jordan. Paul and Griffen have missed at least 10 games a piece over the Clippers’ past five seasons. The organization has a lot to think about as both players are consistently struggling to stay off the injury report.

The Clippers are currently fighting for second place in the Pacific Divison but this setback could significantly hurt them and their playoff hopes. It is early to start talking about playoffs, but numbers don’t lie as the Clippers over the past 2 seasons have gone 79-35 with Chris Paul in the lineup, but 5-12 without him.

Chris Paul plays a huge role on this team and has for a long time, but can never seem to stay healthy. A big reason the Clippers can never make a legitimate playoff run is because their star players can’t seem to stay off the injury list so maybe it’s time for them to start thinking about some moves to get more stability in their lineup.


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