Johnny Football Is Back Again



That picture that you see is the new Johnny Manziel. The family man who is on the right track. He’s back guys and he is really going to do it. It takes a hell of a man to admit he was a douche. Johnny may have been “lost in the sauce” like me at Chickfila but now Johnny is ready for a comeback. He ain’t charging money for a selfie. He’s doing it for the people. As Johnny said you “have to LIVE these words not just TWEET them.” Johnny is going to be a good guy.

So now to the obvious. An NFL team has to give this guy a chance. He will be ready to train and is a dynamic quarterback. Personally a perfect team for him may be a team that plays in Foxboro. Just get him ready and once  Brady retires Boom! Johnny Football takes over Foxboro. I may just be a big Manziel fan but things are up for the Manziel camp.


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