Celtics Unveil Partnership With GE


The Boston Celtics become one of the first teams to sign with a jersey sponsor as they unveil their jerseys for the 2017-18 season. Boston’s jersey will feature the GE logo in the top left corner and although financial details have not been announced yet, the deal will incorporate some of GE’s technology in their practice facility. The two organizations will also team up and work on some community service initiatives. The Boston Globe Twitter account

The Boston Globe Twitter account tweeted another look at the new jerseys:

The Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings also announced their jersey sponsors recently as well. Sacramento’s jersey will feature Blue Diamond Almonds and Philadelphia’s will feature StubHub. I expect the Celtics organization to demand a large payday from GE just because they are the NBA-record holder for most NBA championships with 17.

This the beginning of a new era in the NBA and I look forward to seeing what other companies are going to be featured on other team’s jerseys. I would also expect other sports, such as football, baseball, and hockey to also start featuring company logos on their jerseys because of the increased revenue stream.


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