49ers Make John Lynch Their New General Manger


The San Fransisco 49ers have announced on Sunday night the official signing of nine-time Pro Bowl safety, John Lynch as their new general manager.

Lynch retired from the NFL in 2008 after eleven seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, four with the Denver Broncos and one with the New England Patriots. After his retirement, Lynch became a color analyst on Fox NFL broadcasts and with that being said, has no experience as an NFL executive.

His deal came as a shock to pretty much everyone as his six-year deal is almost unprecedented. Considering his background, his deal is almost scarily similar to the Detroit Lions deal with Matt Millen in 2001. The Lions made Millen their GM after a Pro Bowl linebacker career and a short stint as an NFL color analyst and his seven-year career is known as one of the least successful in NFL history.

The only person this deal doesn’t come as a surprise too, is Kyle Shanahan, who is the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive coordinator and is expected to be named San Fran’s head coach following the Super Bowl. Shanahan was a huge fan of Lynch as a player and actually was the person who signed him to the Broncos in 2004.


In my personal opinion, this deal makes San Fran look pretty desperate after an extremely disappointing season. Although numbers haven’t been released at this time, the decision to sign John Lynch to a six-year deal with zero experience as an NFL executive is foolish. I am curious to see what kind of decisions he makes to try and turn this team’s fortune around. If I were him, my first move would be to send Colin Kaepernick home and begin working with another quarterback but with Kyle Shanahan as head coach, I already expect that to happen.

It will take years to turn the 49ers into a winning franchise again but we’ll see if John Lynch is that man to do so as he begins to try to live up to him enormous deal.


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