Wayne Train Runs Wild All Over All-Star​ Game


The Metropolitan Division defeated the Pacific Division in the Final of the 3-on-3 All-Star tournament.

Wayne Simmonds was selected to his first all-star game this year and he really made it count. Simmonds scored three goals in the tourney and even scored the game-winning goal for the Metropolitan Division. He had some pretty clear goals on what he wanted to accomplish.

“Just don’t make yourself look like an idiot,” Simmonds said. “Don’t dump and chase. Try to keep the puck on your stick. There’s a lot of great players around … and I was thinking maybe just defer to everybody else to be honest with you. But it ended up that I had some big goals. It was great playing with all those guys.”

Simmonds even ended up being the MVP of the game.

“I don’t even know if I realize what’s going on right now, but it’s pretty cool,” Simmonds said. “It’s all pretty surreal.”


Another great story was being able to see two of the games best players currently in the NHL play on the same team.

We got to see Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby two bitter rivals play with each other. Crosby even set up Ovi for a goal.

“I was trying to find him,” Crosby said. “I know how great his shot is. I’m sure he was a little hesitant to use it in case he hits somebody out here, but it was just trying to make the most of the opportunity. That’s a unique opportunity. Usually, you’re playing against one another.”

Both of the players loved the opportunity.

“We were sacrificing everybody out there, blocking shots, going back and forth, don’t give them any way to get the lead,” Ovechkin said. “So it was fun playing.”

“It’s just the way these things work,” Crosby said. “Everyone is here to have a good time and we all love playing the game, so I think you enjoy yourself here. You can’t really think about the next games or things like that. You know that things will pick up and guys will settle into their routine with their teams, but I think everyone tries to have a good time here and interact and have as much fun as they can.”

Now we look towards the final half of the season.


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