Could Jimmy Butler Be On His Way to Boston?


With the Bulls going through a horrible stretch of games, trade rumors have begun to surface about Chicago’s superstar small forward, Jimmy Butler.

According to the Chicago tribune, the Bulls have had discussions with the Boston Celtics about a trade for Butler. This isn’t the first time Boston has been involved in discussions concerning Butler as the last offseason they discussed a trade for him but decided on signing Al Horford instead.

Chicago made immense changes to their lineup to start the season when they let Pau Gadol and Joakim Noah walk in free agency, traded Derrick Rose and signed big time free agents, Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo. The moves haven’t worked out in the Bulls favor as they currently sit at seventh in the Eastern Conference and are currently surrounded by a lot of scrutiny because of the team’s inability to get along.

The Boston Celtics provide some interesting assets including Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart and the Brooklyn Nets’ 2017 and 2018 first-round picks. If the Bulls are going to trade Butler, now would be the correct time to do so as he has two years remaining on his contract before a player option kicks in during the 2019-20 season. Chicago is making no headway in what seemingly is an easily winnable Eastern Conference so it seems as though it’s time for Chicago to begin looking towards the future.


Jimmy Butler, we would welcome you proudly to play for the Boston Celtics. His recent out lash at his teammates show that he isn’t capable of playing in a leadership role and thankfully for him, Isaiah Thomas already has that covered. Me not being a huge fan of Jae Crowder, I would be content trading him and Marcus Smart for as I think it would be vital to out success. I also am not a huge fan of any upcoming prospects in the draft and believe that now would be a prime time to dish out the 2017 first round pick.

Boston definitely has a lot of steps to take to make this team championship caliber but I do believe this is a step in te right direction. This trade could solidify a deep playoff run this season and could very likely land us in the Conference Finals. The trade deadline is February 23rd and Off the Rip Sports will continue to keep a close eye on all trade rumors surrounding the Boston Celtics and Jimmy Butler.


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