Luol Deng and Number of Athletes Give Statements On Trump Immigration Ban


In wake of the insane move from the newly elected president, many athletes have used their platform to voice their opinions.

Deng was born in Sudan a country that is also home to Milwaukee Bucks forward Thon Maker. Sudan is a part of the banned countries that includes Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. He fled to Egypt and then the UK as a civil war was breaking out in his homeland. He became a British citizen in 2006.

It’s crazy to think that this great player would have trouble seeing his family because of an executive order from the president that commands the “land of the free.”

Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry who is originally from Philly was asked about the ban. I think it’s bullshit” Lowry told reporters. “I think it’s absolute bullshit.” When asked if he wanted to give a cleaner response Lowry said the reporters that he believes it’s bullshit so that’s what they can print. He also said that the reporters will find a way to bleep it out.

I love Lowry’s stance. He didn’t say it was BS he said it was bullshit and that makes all the difference.

Steve Kerr told the press that the ban is a “horrible idea.”

Also prior to the Detroit Pistons game versus the Celtics, Coach Stan Van Gundy had deep criticism for the new commander in chief.

“It’s starting to get really, really scary stuff now,” said Van Gundy. “We’re getting into the days of, now we’re judging people by their religion — trying to keep Muslims out. We’re getting back to the days of, you know, putting the Japanese in relocation camps, and Hitler registering the Jews.”

Stan coming with a blazing hot take. It’s one thing to be a bad president but to be akin to Hitler that is a whole other level of bad. Van Gundy is now on Trump’s hit list. I’m pretty sure Steve Bannon is now hunting down the Pistons coach like a lion hunting down a gazelle. I’m just waiting to see what the president has to say.

“Stan Van Gundy is a terrible coach. Did you see him get pushed around in that brawl? The Pistons haven’t been good since Isaiah Thomas left. #Sad #Terrible”

I love to see these professionals using their voice for change. More Athletes need to. We had guys like Muhammed Ali protesting the Vietnam War. These Athletes and Coaches are now hand in hand with a legend of sports and activism.



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