Sage Steele Wasn’t Happy That She Missed Her Flight Due To Protest


This story is nothing political this is just about Sage Steele whining.

Do you know how many people would just love to have the opportunity to go to the game? You are getting paid to go. People are paying thousands of dollars but you miss your wonderful first class flight I assume and the world is coming to an end.

She says that the protestors were delighted that people were missing their flights. Sage, I’m pretty sure they were focusing more on the whole banning Muslim’s issue not if an ESPN personality misses her flight. If a journalist complains about their “terrible” travel issues they should be fined. It’s crazy how many journalists complain about travel that is from my belief paid for. Sage we regular people pay for our own flights. We pay bag fees and an arm and a leg just to have the luxury of turbulence, sitting in an uncomfortable seat, and drinking the smallest cans of soda humanly created.

ESPN you can send me to Houston on Spirit Airlines or a Bi-Plane for all I care. The Super Bowl is the Super Bowl and some journalist have to realize that.



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