Barry Being Barry On Richard Branson’s Private Island


Now, this is why Barack Obama leaving office is bittersweet.

We lost one of the best presidents of all time but now we get to see the true Barack Hussien Obama.

Just look at this guy.


Barack’s just like “hey girl my name’s Barry former leader of the free world no big deal.”

The real question is will Barack even be allowed back into the country. Do you put it past Donnie Trump to just casually ban a former president? The man legitimately thinks he was born in Kenya. Kenya can not produce a man as smooth as Barack.

Also, it must be amazing to be friends with Richard Branson. Just imagine the amazing things you can do. Anytime you go he might just ask you to go to the moon. This man can legit go to the moon whenever he wants. There are endless possibilities with a friend as cool as that.

This is definitely what Republicans thought Barack was gonna be like as President. He’s gonna show up to the podium with hat backward and a pit bull just blasting some DMX.

Even though it would be a terrible move I sort of hope that Trump does ban Obama. It would be an amazing story. Breaking News: Donald Trump bans Barack Obama tells him to “go back to Kenya.”



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