Is Nikola Vucevic a Good Fit For the Celtics ?


The Boston Celtics have been the center of a lot of trade rumors lately and the most recent are their apparent discussions with the Orlando Magic for Nikola Vucevic.

Other teams are aware that the Celtics have some interesting assets and are recently testing the waters to find out if those assets are up for grabs. Rebounding is definitely a problem for the Celtics and because they almost always win when they outrebound their opponent, that’s number one on their priority list. Vucevic grabs 30% of the opposing team’s misses when on the floor, which is 11% more than the best Celtics rebounder, Kelly Olynyk. However, Vucevic has flaws, including opponents shooting a 52% clip when they attack him at the rim.


I don’t believe Vucevic is the right fit for the Boston Celtics, nor do I believe that Danny Ainge is dumb enough to make this deal. For the right price, I would say definitely go for him but since the Magic are only interested in a guard, I wouldn’t be interested. Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, or Jaylen Brown along with Amir Johnson is too much to give away unless Serge Ibaka, who the C’s are also reportedly interested in, is included in the deal.

Even then, I don’t think the Celtics should be interested in the deal. Boston does need a rebounder but should continue their search for one that provides better rim protection. Unless the Magic want to accept a low-ball offer for Vucevic (James Young and Amir Johnson), this deal just seems like typical pre-trade deadline chatter to me.


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