Jim Harbaugh Says Tom Brady Is The Best Player to Play The Game


This was even stunning for me to hear and I’m a Patriots fan.

“He’s already got it. That’s the point. Tom Brady is the greatest football player to ever play,” Harbaugh said after his Michigan Signing with the Stars event Wednesday. “If you can play that good, that consistently great year-after-year-after-year-after-year, game-after-game-after-game-after-game, nobody’s ever done that.”Nobody’s ever done it like Tom Brady has. He’s the best of all time.”

Brady is an amazing player and definitely the best Quarterback in league history.  He’s a four-time super bowl champion and has two league MVPs. He is amazing but the greatest overall player I don’t know. The quarterback is a position that gets all the glory but I feel we need to remember some legends like Barry Sanders and Walter Payton.

Harbaugh even said that Brady doesn’t get the credit that he deserves.

“I don’t think he gets the credit that’s due to him,” Harbaugh said. “People compare him to other people. He is the greatest football player of all time and he’s not getting that [credit]. That’s his due, and he doesn’t quite get it the way he should. Can’t wait to have an opportunity to see him play.”

He does have a point a lot of people forget about his greatness and are focused on the newer guys such as Aaron Rodgers, and Derek Carr. Brady is a living legend and sometimes that is forgotten.

Jim Harbaugh was also asked if he saw Brady coaching possibly at Michigan. Then Harbaugh proceeded to give him a verbal blowjob. “Head coach here someday,” Harbaugh said. “Quarterback coach, coordinator, head coach.”

He even said he would give up gis own job for the QB.

“For Tom Brady,” Harbaugh said. “I will give him a deep long bow, shake hands and I’ll coach the quarterbacks for him.”

Brady says that he doesn’t see himself as a coach but would do anything for his alma mater.

“I’d do anything to help Michigan. I don’t know if I’ll be a QB coach but words of wisdom for that QB group, I’d love to do that,” Brady said. “I don’t ever see myself in that light [coaching]. I love the sport, I admire all the guys who played before me, I grew up a fan of Joe [Montana], Steve [Young], Dan Marino, Warren Moon. They paved the way for us. I’m a hell of a lot of older than most guys know and [Michigan’s quarterbacks] look at me as I used to look at those guys.”





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