J.R. Smith Starts Off 2017 With The Most Preposterous​ Statement of All-Time



This is just straight up nonsense. J.R. Smith is saying that he has never drunk Hennessey. If you believe this for one second you are an idiot. I would believe that the sky is green before I would believe that J.R. Smith doesn’t drink Henny. This is probably the fakest of fake news, the most alternative, alternative fact.

This just shook me to my core. You are telling me that the man who coined the phrase “get the pipe” doesn’t sip on some nice brown liquor from time to time. You might as well have told me that we are living in the Matrix.

Breaking News:

Now that is the J.R, that we know and love. Play 18 holes and then get lit on the Henny. That’s the J.R. who’s senior quote was “get chicks or die trying.”

P.S quick segway Kim Jong-il loves Hennessey. Doing research he once spent $700,000 on Henny in one year. He may have been a brutal dictator but he sure loved to party.


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