Josh McDaniels May be Called As A Witness Aaron Hernandez Trial


Can this whole situation just stop?  Go away Aaron don’t try and ruin our Super Bowl.

A defense motion filed this week seeking a three-month delay in the trial indicates that prosecutors recently disclosed eight potential witnesses, including McDaniels.

The defense motion says that McDaniels would testify on the meaning of Hernandez’s tattoos.

“The Commonwealth alleges the defendant sent a text message to Mr. McDaniels showing him another tattoo that he received at the same time from tattoo artist David Nelson with the letters ‘CBS/WBS/IWBTG,'” the motion states. “According to the Commonwealth, it expects Mr. McDaniels to testify (if called) as to the meaning of those letters.”

Jury selection in Hernandez’s trial in the 2012 drive-by killings of 29-year-old Daniel de Abreu and 28-year-old Safiro Furtado is scheduled to start Feb. 13. He has pleaded not guilty.

Hernandez is back in court today.

Aaron Hernandez the ultimate screw up. I really would be intrigued to hear Josh McDaniels testimony. Do you really think he was talking to Hernandez about his tats? “Yeah, this one was for the first guy I killed.” Get out of here. This is just another distraction. Hell maybe even the NFL is somehow involved. They are trying to distract the Patriots.

In conclusion, can we just give Hernandez 25 to life? I think that would solve everyone’s problems.


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