Tiger Woods Pulls Out Once Again


You are welcome for the headline but Tiger Woods back is back to acting up.

Tiger Woods withdrew from the Omega Dubai Desert Classic on Friday morning before beginning second-round play because of a back spasm he began suffering after dinner Thursday night Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg, said that it is unrelated to the nerve damage that Woods has been dealing with the last few years. “Spasms are a funny thing; I’m certainly no doctor, but they come and go,” Steinberg said. “And again, the fact that he feels as though it’s not the nerve pain, that’s very encouraging for him. He’s had spasms before. He’s got to get the spasm to calm down, from what I gather. He has his trainer here, which is good, and that’s who has been working on him for the past several hours.”

“He says it’s not the nerve pain that’s kept him out for so long,” Steinberg said at Emirates Golf Club.

Woods, 41, was being paid a seven-figure appearance fee to play in the tournament, the first time he has ventured to the Middle East for an event in three years.

Tiger’s shot a 77 in his opening round which included five bogeys.

“No, I wasn’t in pain at all,” Woods said when asked directly about it after the first round. “I was just trying to hit shots, and I wasn’t doing a very good job.”

Tiger why can’t you finish a round. We love you we want you to play well. I just remember seeing Tiger in his prime watching how dominant he was. It was amazing to watch.

I think it’s time that Tiger throws in the towel and that he pulls out of something for the final time.

P.S. Tiger is ranked 666th of all pro golfers. Tiger is the devil. That’s just what happens when you cheat on your wife.


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