Bruins Have Scoring Outburst: Defeat Sharks 6-3


It was a completely different Bruins team. You noticed it right off the bat. Interim Head Coach Bruce Cassidy changed up the lines and hope was in the air. The hope was for good reason as the Bruins blew past the Sharks winning 6-3.

As soon as the first period started you could see a difference. Offensively the Boston was going for long outlet passes to try and create breakaways. The defense was being aggressive and getting involved in the offense. Also expect a lot more of these games. More 6-5 games compared to 2-1.

The changes seemed to work as the Bruins scored three goals in the first period. David Backes slapped one past Martin Jones for his 12th goal of the season. Als Patrice Bergeron is back playing quality hockey scoring his 14th of the season. Finally, on the power play, David Pastrnak netted his 23rd goal of the season. Later in the second period, Pasta netted another game to bring his season total to 24 goals.

The final nail in the coffin was Brad Marchand’s 24th goal of the season with 30 seconds left in the game.

Cassidy won his first game and he was happy, to say the least. “It’s been a busy two or three days,” Cassidy said. “I’ll tell you this: I’m going to sleep well tonight. … But yeah, who doesn’t enjoy a win?”

The Bruins look to keep the momentum going as they play the Vancouver Canucks tonight.

P.S. Jafffeeeeeeeeeeeee





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