This is coming from a Celtics fan. The New York Knicks suck. How do you throw out and now banned Charles Oakley? That is just horrible. He is a legend. James Dolan is now public enemy number one. We can’t allow for this vicious slander to be able to exist in our world. James Dolan needs to be punished. Oak needs to be allowed in the Garden for all he has done for the team. I think Dolan may have just set him up. This is a tragedy. If you are a New Yorker you better stand up for your city.

Then after the fact, he is at a game chilling with Latrell Sprewell yesterday.  Sprewell is just the epitome of high moral standards. Has never had any demons. No skeleton’s in his closet. How much do you think Dolan paid Sprewell to sit with him. Minimum $100,000. Then Spike Lee, a man of the people was rocking the Charles Oakley jersey. Thank you, Spike, for sticking up for the fans. Everybody buy Oakley jerseys. We need the Knicks to realize the mistake they have made.



P.S. The finger shove to the head is a savage move.


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