Derek Jeter Is A Dad


The Captain has been busy since retiring. He and wife Hannah Davis are now expecting their first child. I pray that the pictures aren’t alluding to the child being a girl. I’m sorry but Derek Jeter needs to have a baby boy. That kid will be a baseball god. It is a given. The jeet genes could make the best player in the history of baseball.

Jeter is now a full on retiree. Married check. Kid check. Next, we will hear him going to Chili’s at 4:30 for his dinner. It is all downhill from here.

If Derek Jeter does have a girl oh it will be amazing Derek Jeter the gift basket after sex extraordinaire. His daughter will be just like him and he will hate it. Karma exists Derek just remember that.

Derek Jeter is no longer a former baseball player, he is a full-time dad. Congrats Derek!


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